接地毯 (附次石墨) Earthing Mat (Free Silver Shungite)


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【接地毯 (附次石墨) Earthing Mat (Free Silver Shungite)】

接地毯提供了在室内连接地球能量的便捷方式,简称接地。而接地可为人体带来许多好处,它能将粘在人体气场内的电磁波释放掉。我们每天都要花很多小时睡觉, 这是身体修复,重建和再生的时间。因此建议在睡觉时间使用接地毯,透过接地加强人体修复再生的过程,并且还可以提高睡眠的整体质量,从而有助于改善第二天的精神状态。

These products provide a convenient way to connect to the Earth’s electrical field while indoors. This connection is called ‘earthing’ or ‘grounding’ and provides many benefits. You can read more about the benefits and the supporting scientific evidence on our website: www.healingtech.com In general, the more time you can spend grounded the better. Grounding is particularly recommended while sleeping. We spend many hours of each day sleeping; it is the time when the body is repairing, rebuilding and regenerating, and being grounded optimises these processes, and also improves the general quality of sleep.


It is necessary to have direct skin contact with the Earthing product. The half sheet is placed on top of a regular sheet and tucked in around the mattress. It is usually placed across the bottom half of the bed, but can also be fitted in other positions. The fitted sheet is placed directly on the mattress, instead of a regular sheet. The flat sheet can either be used as a top sheet in conjunction with a fitted sheet, or as a bottom sheet tucked around the mattress. The recovery bag can be used either zipped up, or unzipped and laid flat as a bottom sheet. The grounding mat can be used in any position where there will be skin contact, for example under your bare feet, or on a desk with your hand or arm resting on it. It can also be used to directly ground electronic devices. Only the upper side of the mat where the wire connects is conductive. For use of the grounding patches, please refer to the separate instruction sheet included.


Certain laptops, tablets and smart phones (Apple products for example) can have a high voltage present on the outside of their case, while connected to their mains charger. If physically touching one of these devices while you are grounded, it can cause a current to flow through the body. There is a current limiting device in the Earthing products, so this is not dangerous, however it can feel like a slightly unpleasant tingling sensation. If you experience this unpleasant tingling sensation, it is recommended either to unplug the device from its charger while you are grounded, or to directly ground the device itself by placing it on a grounding mat. In the latter case, ensure there is direct contact with the device case (i.e. it’s not enough that a plastic cover or rubber feet alone are touching the grounding mat). Another option for a laptop.






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